We started in 1947 and are proud of our golden history. As a PIONEER, we made the first embossed chocolate coins on the market. 

This is how we became: 


We strongly believe the world would be a better place if everyone could enjoy a chocolate a day...


...started with an engineer eager to create something new.


He wanted to produce chocolate coins. To be able to do this, he designed and built the chocolate coining machines himself in his residence, which was located on the square ‘Albert Premier’, in the city of Brussels. In the beginning, he bought the chocolate from a local chocolate maker, wrapped the blanks into gold foiled chocolate coins, and re-sold the coins to the chocolate maker, who took care of the selling of the coins to the confectionery trade.

Pretty cool dude!

BOOO-ring... history? 

I'm more interested in 2050! 

At Albert Premier we have a golden history


The Albert Premier Corporation was founded in 1947 on ‘Albert Premier’ square, in the city of Brussels by an inspiring engineer.


The quality of the coins was so good that the business grew steadily every year,

and Albert Premier had to change premises in 1955 to increase the space needed to place more equipment.


By lack of successors, the company was sold to an investor, that installed a professional director who had the task of integrating the production, expanding the customer base, and to start with exports.


The company moved to the JB Baeck street in Brussels. A chocolate moulding line was installed. This integration offered the Chocolaterie the opportunity to increase its quality, flexibility and efficiency. The focus lay for 100% on the production and marketing of chocolate coins.


The company was sold to the present owner, the Talpe family.


Peter Talpe, with a background of more than 15 years in the food production and trade, of which 2 years in the Godiva chocolate company, became managing director, which he still is to this day.


A new product line is introduced: mini-tablets 10g, milk & dark chocolate. To sustain the recent growth of the company and to respond to more demanding customers, the Chocolaterie moved into a new purpose built plant just outside the city of Brussels, in the town of Lot, Belgium. This is until today still the location where the whole range of white, milk and dark chocolates originate from!

Two new product lines are introduced: Chocolate Gold Bars and Golden Hearts. New and exclusive products in form and presentation, that cannot be found elsewhere in the world.



We crunched up our milk chocolate tablets and added 2 new kinds. Milk chocolate with biscuit pieces and dark chocolate with cocoa bean pieces (nibs).

Mmm... crunchy!


Albert Premier has expanded the factory in Lot to almost twice the size! This enables the family company to improve and accelerate production and to serve accelerating consumer demand.

The story continues!



Sustainable Factory

For 2020 we have set our goal to reach 70% of energy demand being supplied by our own solar panels! 

We will also aim to make our entire plant carbon neutral!

At Albert Premier we hate to waste things.

That's why we proud ourselves in using 50% less energy overall to make our coins compared to our competitors because of our in-house  expertise & experience

Sustainable Chocolates

We work together with our suppliers and customers in providing sustainable sources of cocoa for their chocolates. Ask us about our sustainable chocolate:

Take a look at 'Beyond Chocolate' : A Belgian initiative to make all Belgian chocolates sustainable by 2025


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